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The Manufacturing sector covers a broad range of business, but all have similar challenges, including maintaining profitability with slim margins, understanding which customers are the most profitable (not always the largest), and streamlining operations to cost effectively support smaller orders as well as large.

In a constant attempt to drive innovation whilst maintaining product quality and service levels, it is the understanding of net profitability by product, customer, supplier and facility that will give manufacturing business a competitive edge and a sustainable long-term profitability.

Avisen partners with companies in the manufacturing sector to provide a number of solutions:

  • Supplier Profitability
  • SKU Rationalization
  • Product Profitability
  • Cost-to-Serve Analysis
  • COGS / Standard vs. Actual Product Cost
  • Customer Segment Profitability
  • Sourcing Decisions (import/export, category management)
  • Fact-based Contract Negotiations
  • Operational Efficiency - process changes, benchmarking, capacity utilization
  • Supply Chain Costing and Profitability
  • Supplier Profitability

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