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Our customers have exhausted traditional methods of identifying and harnessing profit improvements.  New tools and techniques are allowing unprecedented insight into previously undiscoverable opportunities for profit maximisation.

Avisen have a dedicated approach designed to identify and yield significant profitability improvements for your organisation.

This approach is designed to capture the maximum profit in the fastest possible time with the least possible disruption and the lowest amount of risk on a continuous on-going basis.

Our methodology has been built up and refined over years of experience in delivering successful profit improvement initiatives with some of the world’s leading organisations.

Having an experienced team with a proven profit method is important. In our experience and according to a recent Harvard Business Review study, the average IT project cost over-run was 27%. 1 in 6 projects have a cost overrun of 200%.

This scenario would seriously impact any projected ROI involved in your Profit Improvement Project.

Avisen’s methods are proprietary and can be explained upon request.  For further details contact info@avisen.com or call us on 0203 427 5004

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