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Inca Holdings Ltd acquired by Avisen Plc

14 August 2009

We are pleased to announce that Inca Holdings Ltd has been successfully acquired by Avisen Plc, a leading global Corporate Performance Management consulting and strategic advisory business.  Avisen Plc is listed on the AIM London market.

The acquisition includes the businesses of both Inca Software Ltd (our leading IBM Cognos reseller business) and Inca Technology Ltd (the authors and providers of our mid-market planning application, Inca Planning).

The Avisen Group, whose core components include Infocube, Solution Minds and Harvey Jones, will be combined with Inca, giving us a tremendous platform to dominate the Corporate Performance Management market, strengthening our position as the largest UK IBM Cognos Reseller and leveraging our existing IBM Cognos and Inca Planning offerings.

The key highlights and drivers for Avisen Plc’s acquisition of the Inca business are as follows:

  • Together we will be the largest organisation by revenue, customer base and employees in the UK IBM Cognos resell market.
  • We have an infrastructure to deliver high quality projects and support to our clients never seen before in the UK
  • We have a first class training facility where we will focus heavily to develop our customers and staff
  • Avisen Plc inherits a market leading sales engine to complement its existing teams and drive additional revenue/cross sell opportunities to their own extensive customer base
  • Avisen Plc also inherits a mature UK marketing function to extend reach and optimise the leadgeneration process
  • A complimentary product offering for Inca Planning, providing a very strong solution to the midmarket to rival our competitors.

The Executive teams of both Inca and Avisen Plc are committed to making a success of the acquisition and will ensure the smooth transition of the Inca business into the Avisen Group.

“This is Avisen Plc’s fourth acquisition this year as our aggressive growth strategy continues. Avisen Plc will now be positioned as the leading IBM Cognos reseller and consultancy provider in the UK” comments
Marcus Hanke, CEO of Avisen Plc

"This acquisition is in line with our stated strategy to expand the scale and depth of the company's software, support and consulting service capabilities as well as adding intellectual property assets with every acquisition. Inca's support division will enhance our support offerings, with recurring revenue attributed to support services in excess of £2 million for the year ended 28 February 2009. Its planning software will also enable us to bring a high value  planning application to the mid-market.  As such, we expect this acquisition to be earnings enhancing for the current financial year. We would like to welcome Inca's team on board and we look forward to working alongside them.”

“We are delighted with the acquisition and firmly believe that this will provide the additional and complementary support that Inca needs to continue with its dominance of the Corporate Performance Management market,” says Chris Kerrison, CEO of Inca.

“We would like to reassure our customers of our commitment to helping them achieve planning, reporting and forecasting success, whatever their industry may be and are pleased to be able to offer enhanced access to our enlarged team of consultants who now make up one of the most experienced performance management teams in the UK.

Furthermore our strength within the IBM Partner community will allow us to leverage our direct relationship with IBM to provide an unrivalled partner service to our customers.”

“We are also pleased to have built up a valued Inca Planning customer base and the acquisition has provided Inca with a tremendous platform to support the future development of Inca Planning as well as providing us with a complementary product offering, giving us a very strong solution to the mid-market to rival our competitors”.

We are very excited about being part of the Avisen Group and hope that it further supports the importance of Corporate Performance Management to organisations during times when understanding business performance is increasingly important.

For further information, please contact:

Jayne Kerrison 
Inca Software
T: 01784 270 860
E: jkerrison@incasoftware.co.uk


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