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How to identify your most profitable customers

17 January 2012

20% of your customers are losing you money. Do you know which ones?

When we analyse client cost profiles a familiar pattern emerges; 20% of customers may make 180% or more of your profits, 60% may make you nothing and 20% may actually lose you 80% of profitability.

If you have customer, sales and product data available, Avisen can help you to identify which customers are your most profitable and which are actually losing you money by simply applying your data to Avisen’s pre-defined Cost to Serve Model.

Avisen works with organisations such as Unilever and Tesco Direct to establish customer and product profitability as well as cost to serve initiatives that all lead to overall sustainable profitability improvements.

Book an initial Discovery meeting with Avisen to find out how you can identify your most profitable customers and shape your customer engagement strategy for profitable results.

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