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Supply Chain Measurement

Your Supply Chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Focusing on key metrics in each area of your supply chain from transportation to direct labour and cost of goods to resource capacity, combined with a measurement tool to help manage the profitability inputs that are associated with the supply chain will provide transparency into this highly scrutinised business area.

An increasingly challenging global environment provides more difficulties in an area that is made even more complex with the huge opportunities available across the internet such as the ability to expand product offerings, penetrate new markets and access new channels. Supply Chain Measurement is now a popular topic and Avisen partners with leading enterprises to help them to establish:

  • The specific per unit cost for every activity in the supply chain, by product and across all potential flow paths
  • The financial impact of alternative flow paths, taking into consideration all trade-deal funding implications between trading partners
  • The financial advantages and opportunities associated with changes to existing flow paths
  • The most cost effective flow path for new products
  •  Results that can be shared across the organization and with trading partners.

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