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Cost to Serve

Understanding the profitability of products, customers and routes to market through cost-to-serve analysis gives a fact-based focus for decision making and allows businesses to improve their supply chain response.

Not all customers are equal - some make you money but unfortunately, some can lose you money too.  Business actions, such as price setting and customer negotiations need to be tailored for each type of customer so that profits do not become distorted.

Avisen partners with businesses to enable them to:

  • See the net profitability of individual SKU’s, customers and suppliers, through accurate allocation of indirect costs and value-added services
  • Make better business decisions, with information at your fingertips
  • Show you which products, customers and suppliers are making and losing money, and why
  • Calculate the profitability of new contracts before you sign them
  • Transform the complexity of your business into actionable information

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