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Holistic Customer Investment

03rd August 2018 | Posted in: Performance Management

All Consumer Goods companies want to:
• Design targeted profitable volume & share-growth strategies
• Arm sales teams with the knowledge and confidence to act in the field
Are you currently doing what it takes to ensure trade and marketing spend becomes a lucrative investment and delivers ROI?

Customer investments produce the best results when targeted properly: Categories, brands, geographies, channels, retail chains, etc. – each have specific dynamics and complexities, which also present opportunities for improvement.
So does your investment portfolio reflect the reality on the ground at the right level of detail?

You manage your investments in different functional areas (such as trade vs marketing), but the consumer sees the end net result. You need to view your business the way consumers view it to fit in with the dynamics and the complexities of the market.
So can you currently see your entire investment portfolio by customer, category, brand, etc.?

Different spend types are traditionally managed by different teams in different systems. This is usually beneficial for internal efficiency. However, this traditionally has led to data being disparate and disconnected. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you can pull together these data sources without disrupting the day-to-day workings of the teams and impacting mission critical processes, then you unleash the power of data.

Only with this holistic view, you can
- determine the true amount of investment and the rate of return
- understand where overall money is being spent and not just given away
- determine whether the spend is truly passed along to consumers and how it compares to competitors
- figure out the true cost of each point of market share
- see if the investment strategy is a win/win for you and trade
- support customer segmentation initiatives
- master the differences between premium and value brands

This is what we, Avisen, have done with some of the largest companies in the world. We’ve given them the ability to have a single holistic view of the truth allowing their teams to go to the next level.

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